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A Brief History and Introduction

We want to welcome you to The Growing Tree Child Care Center.  Thank you for choosing our Center to be a contender in providing care for your child.  We are proud to offer our families the kind of care that makes them feel like we are a second home!

The Growing Tree Child Care Center has been a Pennsylvania licensed facility since 1990.  The state of Pennsylvania requires all licensed centers to be inspected annually by the Department of Human Services.  At our minimum, we are required to follow state guidelines, however, we have chosen to participate in the Keystone STARS Program which has health and safety standards that exceed the Pennsylvania minimum requirements.

All the policies and procedures that The Growing Tree implements daily have been designed with our families in mind.  We always encourage our families to take an active interest in their child's day and we also maintain an "open door" policy for your important discussions with us.  Working together with our families is not only important to us, but our specialty.  Communication is a key aspect, and we strive to do our best always to keep our families informed.  We welcome our families input, ideas, and suggestions and take them into consideration with updating policy, procedure, and daily routines.

We appreciate your faith and trust in us to provide care for your child and we are happy to welcome you to our Growing Tree Family.

Jamie Lynn & Nicole





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